Who are we?

Essentially, we are guardians of your capital.

We appreciate that once you retire, you cannot earn back capital lost due to poor advice. Our principle role is therefore:

  • To invest your money in solutions that dependably capture the required return without exposing you to unnecessary risk created by political and economic instability. This ensures that you comfortably achieve your lifestyle goals.
  • To assist in the tax and cost efficient creation of wealth during your lifetime and then the orderly management, investment and distribution of it after you retire. Being investment tax specialists we ensure the most tax efficient allocation of your assets when investing your funds
  • To offer complete fiduciary services encompassing your will and estate planning.
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How do we do this?

We build a robust Wealth Management Plan for you, supported by investment solutions that are engineered to absorb uncertainty.

In other words, this enables us to lessen the impact of political and economic risks and bring some predictability to your future.
It’s peace of mind in an uncertain world.

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It’s not just about investing the money

We help you make sense of money. We keep it simple and avoid jargon.

But more than that, we see money as a means to an end; its sole purpose to fulfil your goals and dreams. So we spend time listening, getting to know your needs and desires. Our team then designs a bespoke wealth management plan that will work specifically for you.

We also appreciate the impact your death may have on your dependants, so we make sure that, in the event of your death, your dependants are taken care of and your personal financial affairs are dealt with in an efficient, cost-effective manner.

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Creating order

We pride ourselves on our ability to clean up a client’s messy financial history – for us it’s a way of life and the right thing to do.

Together we will plan and join all the dots – no decisions are made in isolation.

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What do we do?

“We recognise that life is a journey, and that financial security is important to that journey, so we empower our clients by assisting them to generate and manage wealth over time; to achieve their life goals through our wealth management process; to be in charge of their own lives.”

Linda Stonier